Top Baby Books on Twitter

Attention expecting and new moms!

 If you’ve been thinking about how to raise a smarter child, then now is the best time to gear up with the necessary tools.

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We’ve partnered up with Smart Coos—a web-based language learning community for babies and children, from ages 0 to 8 and their parents—to bring you the most mentioned parenting books from the Twitterverse. Don’t simply aim for brilliance—shoot for the whole package: intelligent, well-rounded, and happy children.


How Children Succeed by Paul Tough 

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The title says it all. Tough based his New York Times bestseller on the work of Nobel laureate James Heckman, expanding on the philosophy that psychological traits among children— such as resilience, curiosity, and confidence— play a monumental part in their happiness and success.

Grades and exams aside, see why these qualities possess the ability to unlock your child’s true potential.

Teach Your Children Well: Parenting for Authentic Success by Madeline, PhD Levine

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While in the process of growing up, the high-stakes and competitive culture that is exposed to children can be taxing. The pressure to achieve the top grades and shiniest trophies is high—which is why psychologist Madeline Levine, armed with thirty years of clinical experience, has provided parents with a toolbox to help clarify a definition of success that caters to their values as well as their children’s interests and abilities.

Complete with coping exercises and a trove of relevant research, Teach Your Children Well is an essential read for parents who are looking to better their kids and nudge (not push or shove) them on the pathway to success.

The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way by Amanda Ripley

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Look ahead and out of the box as Time magazine journalist Amanda Ripley takes you through the lives of three American students, each studying abroad for a year.

Ripley claims that although “wealth had made rigor optional” in the American education system, kids these days need to be “driven” and “know how to adapt.” Discover the passionate students of Finland, the “rigor on steroids” attitude in South Korea (students would wear small pillows over their wrists, should they fall asleep on their desks), and Poland, a country that is known for their international test-score rankings.

Speaking of innovative learning techniques, don’t forget to check out Smart Coos– from baby sign language, to an interactive language program and live tutoring sessions with a French, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or English native speaker, they’ve got your kids covered.

If any of these books interest you, don’t miss our full list of parenting books!

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