The Trendy Trending Fashion + Beauty Books

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Nicky Hilton may be relatively unknown when it comes to gossip sites and the tabloids (unlike her younger sister), but she is no stranger in the fashion world, where she has earned her reputation as a style icon. In 365 Style, Nicky not only talks about her red carpet and runway experiences, but also shares her formula for creating your own signature style. Her best-kept style secrets—everything from your five must-have wardrobe items, to the $30 wardrobe item you can’t live without—will help you look like a million bucks (without dropping six figures).

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It’s almost impossible to walk around the streets without seeing at least one person toting a bag or wearing flats from designer Tory Burch. So just who is this amazing fashionista who’s listed as the 79th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes (with a net worth of approximately a billion dollars)? Simply flip through Burch’s book, In Color, and obtain an in-depth look at the people, places, and ideas that inspire her. Catch rare glimpses of Burch’s personal life, pore over her favorite artistic works, and take away some valuable business advice.

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Is your makeup routine getting a little boring? Is your hairstyle bringing to mind “flat,” instead of “fabulous”? Well have no fear—because rock n’ roll hair stylist and makeup artist Louise Teasdale is here! If you’ve heard of mega-popular boy band One Direction, you’ll know that she’s responsible for their slick coifs. Let her work her glittery magic on you with The Craft: DIY Hair and Beauty. With twenty-five fashionable projects for you to do at home, The Craft features everything from tutorials on how to achieve the perfect liquid eyeliner flick, to guides on choosing the proper moisturizers.

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You know how they say shoes can make or break an outfit? Well, it’s true. And nobody knows that better than shoe designer extraordinaire Christian Louboutin. His exquisite self-titled monograph highlights the range of his couture and includes a five-piece foldout binding and a pop-up. With six chapters to fawn over, learn about Louboutin’s early life, the inspiration behind his exotic designs, and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at his studios and workshops.

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Do you have a favorite Fashion / Beauty book you’d like to recommend? Drop a comment and let us know! Check out the full list of stylish books here.

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