Senator John McCain’s Book Recommendations

John McCain may be the senior United States Senator and a former presidential nominee in the 2008 United States presidential election, but did you know that he has fantastic taste in books as well?

Last week we mentioned how McCain was one of the most influential recommenders via Twitter when it came to Richard Flanagan’s Booker prize-winning novel, The Narrow Road to the Deep North. Followed by almost 2 million people, McCain’s tweet (below) was read by many and contributed significantly to the novel’s twittersphere buzz.

With this in mind, we decided to extract other book recommendations that McCain has tweeted about:

First is Laura Hillenbrand’s Unbroken, a true story revolving around a WWII flier named Louis Zamperini, whose US bomber crashes into the Pacific Ocean during one fateful May afternoon in 1943. On a decrepit raft, and facing a journey through the endless ocean, starvation, sharks, and the enemy, Zamperini’s fate rests on whether he can pull through with his strength of will.

Next on McCain’s list is Robert K. Massie’s Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman, a masterpiece of narrative biography relaying the extraordinary story of a young German princess who ultimately becomes one of history’s most captivating and powerful women. Flit through the pages, in between the words, and let the vividness of the details engulf you—from her correspondences with Frederick the Great and Marie Antoinette, to stories about Catherine’s family, friends, generals, lovers and enemies.

Continue to travel back in time with One Summer: America, 1927 by Bill Bryson, and relive the glorious season when signature events of the twentieth century happened, including when Charles Lindbergh became the first man to continuously cross the Atlantic by plane nonstop. Meanwhile, Babe Ruth was cementing his status as a baseball giant with a home run record, and the first true “talking picture,” by Al Jolson— The Jazz Singer—was filmed and forever changed the motion picture industry.

From political books to suspense novels, you are in for a treat with John McCain’s recommendations—Click here for BookVibe’s full list of his favorites!

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