Trending Books: July 7th-13th

“My lungs clawed for air as though I were drowning.” That’s how Lori Rader-Day begins her recently published mystery The Black Hour. The novel, which details the aftermath of a university student’s attack on his sociology professor, is this week’s top trending book in the mystery and thriller category. Read on to learn what other mysteries and thrillers have been holding audiences in suspense.

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 7.23.13 PM

For those that have been spending their summer watching re-run marathons of Law and Order: SVU, A.E. Torre’s The Girl in 6E might be of interest. Torre’s thriller details the moral dilemma that one woman, named Deanna Madden, faces after learning of the abduction of a young girl. Although, Madden believes she may know who is responsible for the kidnapping, Madden has not left her apartment for three years—making a living as a “performer” on sexually-explicit websites. According to one woman on Twitter, this book left her “speechless”—hopefully in a good way.

The plot of Katherine Howe’s YA mystery Conversion seems to be “ripped from the headlines.” The story follows a group of girls during their senior year of high school when they suddenly succumb to a mysterious illness that causes them to uncontrollably tic. This suspenseful read could be a great YA companion to Megan Abbott’s The Fever, which follows a similar storyline—and has been a top trending book in the past.

Ellie Campbell’s To Catch a Creeper falls under the “cozy mystery category.” As such, this novel—which follows a London ad woman in her attempt to catch the neighborhood “creeper”—has been called “hilarious” by many readers.

To see what books are trending in your favorite genre, visit BookVibe trends.

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