Trending Books, June 9th-15th

A society of assassins, a steamy college romance, and globalization gone awry.

Sound like a scandal on Capitol Hill? As it turns out, they are all themes from books on our weekly trending books list!

Looking for a dark and futuristic thriller? Check out Lindsay Cummings’s The Murder Complex, the top trending book this week. Set in dystopian Florida, where the murder rate is greater than the birthrate, the novel details the life of a teenage girl named Meadow who has been trained to murder by her father—sounds like he would make an outstanding nominee for Father of the Year.

It seems that readers are itching for tales of murderers this summer because Stephen King’s newest thriller Mr. Mercedes, also holds a place on the top trending charts. Readers are already gripped by King’s new novel (he’s published over fifty books!), which is good news because King announced on Twitter last week that Mr. Mercedes will be the first book in a forthcoming trilogy.

For those looking for something more relaxing, it looks like Bella Andre has penned another hit in Kiss Me Like This: The Morrisons. This new adult contemporary romance novel tells the story of a budding romance between Sean, a star college baseball player, and Serena, a famous model. Andre is at her risque best and this book is definitely aimed at the over-18s!

Nonfiction titles also made an appearance on this week’s top trending list. Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers illustrates the ill effects of globalization through the lives of those living in a Mumbai slum. A National Book Award Winner in 2012, Boo surges back into our trending list after being selected as the current book for the Nerdfighters Book Club, an online group organized by author John Green and his brother, Hank.

Be sure to check out BookVibe Trends to see what memoirs, mysteries, and books in your favorite genre are generating the most buzz on Twitter!

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