Trending Books, May 19th-25th!

Hello again avid readers! Have you come back to see into our crystal ball of trends once again and discover the books that are taking off on Twitter? Well you’re in luck! We are a generous and kind fortune teller and are happy to share our knowledge with you. Gaze upon the trending books with joy!

First up we have the highest trending book, J.R.R. Tolkien’s translation and commentary of Beowulf. Although he completed it in 1926, the Lord of the Rings author never had it published, and unpublished it remained until now! The Twitterverse is clearly excited to to get their hands on it if the number of people tweeting about it is any indication.

Following up on the trending list we have The Forever Girl, by Rebecca Hamilton! A spooky thriller that was recently optioned for film, it tells the tale of a girl capable of magic acts trying to solve a murder. Is her magic is powerful as our own psychic book trend tracking? You’d have to check it out to find out.

On the subject of thrilling mysteries, The Eight, by Katherine Neville, topping the “Mysteries and Thrillers” trending chart. Computer expert Cat Velis must seek out hidden artifacts while warding off danger in a tale that could perhaps be described as “Da Vinci Code-esque.”

If you’re both hungry AND concerned about the sustainability of our lifestyle, then have we got a book for you! It’s Dan Barbers The Third Plate, and it concerns both of those things we just mentioned. If his vision of the future of American eating comes to pass, you can say “I already knew that was going to happen.”

Like video games? Well Speccy Nation, currently topping the tech trending charts, could be perfect for you. Dan Whitehead’s book recounts the history of the ZX Spectrum, one of the earliest video gaming machines. Whitehead goes through fifty games that defined the dawn of British development. Even if you’re aware of Atari and the NES, you only know one end of the video game history spectrum (see what we did?)

Want to find out more secret knowledge about what books are going big? Well then check out Bookvibe Trends for yourself!


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