Trending Books: April 14th-20th

It was a dark and stormy night. The twittersphere shook with the rumble of hashtags & flame wars passing across it’s surface, trending topics cresting & crashing, each celebrity faux pas more perilously distracting than the last. How would our stalwart book lover find his or her way through the chaos?

Then, when all seemed lost, a single ray burst through a gap in the computing clouds. Through the gap emerged Bookvibe Trends, a light on a rock, shining out with the aggregated wisdom of tweeters far and wide. This week’s all categories list featured books like One Hundred Years of Solitude, by the beloved and recently deceased Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and the Pulitzer prize winning The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Meanwhile in the Romance section, Unfixable (Entangled Embrace) by Brooklyn author of the Line of Duty series Tessa Bailey led the pack. Over in Science Fiction top honors went to The Kiss of Deception, by Mary E. Pearson, winner of the 2006 Golden Kite Award for fiction. Rest easy dear reader, because with a lighthouse like Bookvibe, the best time to read is on a dark and stormy night.


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