Trending Books: March 31st-April 6th

Like you, I too used to believe that twitter‘s only purpose was to tell people about which celebrity I was mad at and what I ate for breakfast (eggs), but no! Hiding just beneath the surface lies a roiling torrent of book lovers having a vibrant discussion. That’s why here at Bookvibe we create trending lists every week. Deep in the Bookvibe mines our robo-researchers dig for book discussions across Twitter and bring them before you to barter as cultural currency (I’ll trade you two Maddaddam references for one misquote from Flash Boys). Books that continue to trend will rise through the ranks, helping red hot new books break through the surface (and light the way, like The Luminaries) and enter popular culture, at which point the hollywood cognoscenti will turn them into movies, and cast a celebrity who we can all can get mad at on twitter — the literary circle of life. You can check out this week’s update here, or as a reading list here.

See you next week! 

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