Launching “Bookstream of the Week”

Starting this week, we are launching “Bookstream of the Week,” highlighting a bookstream to share with the BookVibe community. Once we select the bookstream of the week, we send the user a free Kindle book. The book gift is chosen from the selections on that user’s personalized book gift ideas (check it out for yourself at ).

In selecting the bookstream of the week, we are aiming for a healthy mix of users including authors, well-known personalities, avid readers, bloggers, and people who help spread the word about BookVibe. We also welcome nominations for users to highlight, so let us know whose bookstream you think should be highlighted!

For our first ever “Bookstream of the Week”, we’ve selected Kirstin Butler! Kirstin is a writer and self-described “expert generalist”. In addition to writing about books, she’s writing her first novel which sounds intriguing ( Kirstin’s book stream is a delicious mix of fiction, science, linguistics and politics.

So without further ado, check out our Bookstream of the Week:


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