BookVibe launches Alerts for Authors to Track Tweets About Their Books

BookVibe is pleased to announce the rollout of BookVibe Alerts, a new service for authors. BookVibe Alerts gives authors a simple and automatic way to track Twitter conversations about their own books and identify social sentiment to understand how readers are engaging with their books. BookVibe Alerts is a free service from BookVibe.

BookVibe Alerts is a powerful discovery tool and can be used by self-published, hybrid and traditionally published authors to identify and create relationships with a targeted and highly-engaged reader base. Book publicists, acquisition editors, and agents working on behalf of an author or publisher can also use the product to best understand where to focus resources and identify new customers, audiences and advocates.

“In an age of overwhelming digital noise, busy authors have little time to monitor all the social mentions about specific books in real time,” said Parakweet CEO and co-founder Ramesh Haridas. “Discovery is all about strengthening the bond between authors and readers. We designed BookVibe Alerts to enable authors to identify new and existing advocates without logging into a dashboard or manually checking Twitter streams so they can spend time writing and connecting with fans.”

To get started with BookVibe Alerts, authors simply navigate to and search for the specific books they want to track and click “Sign up for this book’s alerts.” Once signed up, authors can easily add alerts for additional books. BookVibe Alerts automatically adds the selected books to a list on the ‘Alerts’ page and distributes updates through a convenient daily or weekly email that features a list of tweets discussing the selected book(s), the trending status, and the tweet’s social sentiment.

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