BookVibe shortlisted for FutureBook Innovation Award

BookVibe has been shortlisted for the FutureBook Innovation Award in the category of Best Start-Up (press release here). We are pleased to be recognized by The Bookseller and Futurebook as a leader in publishing innovation. The FutureBook Conference is the biggest publishing conference in Europe and is presented by The Bookseller, a leading source of book industry news and analysis online since 2007 and in print since 1858.

BookVibe helps readers easily discover new books that their friends are recommending, by collecting book discussions from Twitter in one place and without requiring the reader to create another social network. Unlike algorithmic recommendation systems, BookVibe delivers personalized book recommendations from real people whom readers have chosen to follow and/or trust.  

BookVibe accurately identifies more than 100,000 book discussions on Twitter every day and delivers tens of thousands of personalized book recommendations to users weekly, both via the website and via a convenient weekly email. In addition to praise from users, the quality of BookVibe recommendations has received accolades from publications such as The Guardian, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, c|net, GigaOM, and FastCompany.

With tens of millions of book discussions identified and analyzed (from an analyis of more than 10 billion social media conversations), BookVibe can provide authors and publishers unique insights from social media channels to help them acquire new readers, understand audiences, and maximize the return from marketing activities.

Too see what books the people at FutureBook see in the FutureBook bookstream, check out: The book discussions there range from publishing/writing-related books to zombie fiction. To see what books your Twitter friends are discussing, enter a Twitter handle here:

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