Exciting News!

Today Parakweet is happy to announce the release of book pages on BookVibe, our social book discovery service.

  • BookVibe has released pages for over 500,000 book titles highlighting the social discussions happening around each book, including sentiment and buzz.
  • From over 400 million tweets being posted on Twitter every day, BookVibe accurately identifies over 100,000 discussions on books. We’ve analyzed nearly 50 million micro-reviews and book discussions, allowing us to measure the social buzz and sentiment of the books people are talking about.
  • These entity pages are generated completely automatically, including the aggregation of the social discussions and sentiment about the book.
  • Consumers, publishers and authors can now tap into micro-reviews on books that readers are generating organically in the social universe
  • Parakweet’s natural language processing platform outperforms leading academic research in accurately identifying a huge number of book titles and the meaning of surrounding text. To detect a wide range of titles well is no easy task as many titles have their own quirks.

You can preview the new pages by visiting: http://www.bookvibe.com

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